Firefighter’s Public House: Facilities

Firefighter’s Public House used to be the venue of private gatherings and socializing events. As such, most of the facilities in the restaurant are for these events. However, after it opened its doors to the public, we decided to renovate and change some sections of the venue to accommodate a large number of people and separate events within the restaurant if needed.

Additionally, since it was originally used as a gathering place by active and firefighters, we decided to add a firefighter theme. We want customers to feel that they are inside a firehouse and enjoy the ambience of it.

What makes our Firefighter’s Public House is that we also decorated the place to match the firefighter’s theme. We mostly used fire hydrants as the base of our bar chairs, topped with a black, leather swivelling seat. Despite how they look, the seats are comfortable. 

As for the bar itself, we decided to use the fire truck as the design. We added the front of the fire truck on one side where drivers usually enter as the entrance and use the long body of the truck as the counter. At both ends, we added the wheels of the truck as part of the legs of the counter. 

We also added the step guard of the truck for customers to use to get to their seats. We also used a replica of the ladder as shelves to hold drinking glasses. Part of the ladder is placed on the wall as shelves for the regular glasses and part of it is above the counter to hang some.

We also dispense our craft beer differently. We mostly use small, fire hose replicas or fire extinguisher hoses. They are not just to add to the theme or the decoration though. Craft beers from an extinguisher hose are usually light and have low alcohol content, while those from the hoses are stronger.

We also displayed some of the firefighter’s uniforms, mostly just the jackets, and some helmets too. We also had two fireman’s poles inside the restaurant but since kids want to play with them. Now, kids can climb a tall wooden patio and slide down like firemen themselves.

We have also considered that some would like to have an event planned in the restaurant so we renovated and added some rooms for private get-togethers. Here are the spaces we have:

Main hall

This is where most of our patrons enjoy their meal and drink beer. We wanted to make customers feel at home so most seats are couches. Soft and comfortable, these couches are clad in black leather with throw pillows to add to the comfort and the homey feel of the place. 

We mostly have wooden coffee tables that reach the knees of a standing person. They’re circular and have a natural wood finishing. Of course, we also have regular dining tables that seat 4-8 persons per table. 

If needed, most tables can be moved closer to have a longer or larger table to accommodate a larger number of guests. Like the coffee tables, both chairs and tables are made of wood and have a natural wood finish. We can usually seat about 50-60 people if we maximize the space and dining tables. 

Living quarters

A small room modelled after the dormitories of fire stations. We designed it to be cosier with more couches and coffee tables in the middle of the room, and high tables for two-three persons and bar stools all around. 

Like in the main hall, the couches are all comfortable but wrapped in white fabric rather than the usual black leather. The coffee table and high tables meanwhile are made of wood and have a natural wood finishing. 

The barstools also sport the fire hydrant replica but with a fixed seat, and a wood backrest, unlike the ones in the main bar. This room is more for a small get together of at least 15-20 people rather than a full party.

We mostly decorated this room like the living quarters of firefighters. We have metal lockers with white, throw pillows that guests can take out, lining the walls. We’ve also put up a corkboard for customers to write messages down.


One of the largest rooms we have to accommodate more people, perfect for large parties or events. This can house a total of 250 guests comfortably if we include the separate bar in this room. However, it is mostly reserved for drinkers. 

Tables are made especially for this venue. They are made of hardened rolls of fire hoses. Glass is placed on top while the legs are made of wood and shaped like axe handles. Like the ones in the main hall, chairs are also made of wood which is polished and finished to make them look natural. These tables usually seat 8 people comfortably.

There are also smaller, rectangle tables that seat four-six persons. Since this is a garage, we placed hoses lining the walls all around and even used the alarm lights as the main lights of the venue. We have also placed a replica fire truck made of wood that serves as the buffet table. 

What makes it one of a kind is that the house of the truck usually dispenses juice or beer as requested. We have also posted warning signs as labels or as indicators for the buffet. In the front of the room and near the bar, we have also added a small stage where a band can play. 


Firefighter’s Public House also has a patio dining area where you can enjoy the fresh air and the sun in the morning, or the cool night air. Our patio is at the back of the restaurant with the tables and chairs on a raised, semi-circle, wooden platform. 

What makes it different from the whole restaurant is that we used wooden picnic tables in this area, each seating six-eight persons comfortably. This is also why these seats are reserved for larger parties since it would not be as practical to seat two-four persons.

Aside from the picnic tables, we also have a few square tables that can sit up to four persons. We also placed our grill right next to the patio so that customers can enjoy the smell of grilling meat and burgers. 

Patrons do not need to worry though as we have an exhaust fan that disperses the smoke upwards and away from them. We also placed replicas of fire hydrants around the edges of the patio and strung fire hoses around as a barricade.

We’ve also put up a roof for the patio to protect our customers from the harsh sun while still enjoying the cool air around. Kids can also play on the fireman’s pole here. The patio has a ladder going up a few feet to a platform where they can slide down the fireman pole. For safety though, we only allow kids that are eight years old and above to use it.

Firefighter’s Public House: Visit us and feel right at home!

While Firefighter’s Public House may look like a firehouse, we are passionate about the food and service we offer. We want the people who visit our restaurant and taste our food to feel at home, as well as have fun and meet people around. 

Aside from the homey feel of our couches and coffee tables, our open patio has picnic tables and regular ones for a relaxed dining experience. We also have an open grill near the patio so that customers can smell the food grilling, similar to barbecues at home.

We also want to make our customers feel what we had before we opened to the public: the feeling of having your family and friends with you, enjoying a meal or a drink with you. We work hand-in-hand with our professional and friendly staff to ensure that the guests will have a great time.

While we want to have a restaurant that makes the customer’s feel at home, your safety is also our concern. If you can’t dine with us physically, you can always give us a call or order online for pick up. We can also deliver your food right at your doorstep so you will not miss out on Firefighter’s Public House specialities. 

It might not be the same as being with us physically, but we are happy to know that you can still enjoy our food. Join us for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even a drink or two at Firefighter’s Public House and enjoy great food with a taste of home!

Come and dine with us here at Firefighter’s Public House restaurant. If you have any inquiries or other concerns, feel free to use our contact form to place an order or make a reservation for private gatherings or parties.